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He warned her that something bad would happen if she told anyone. Three months later, he was prosecuted for the sexual abuse of the nine-year-old girl in Porvenir. The alleged abuse of the eight-year-old girl was never prosecuted after an appeals court dismissed the complaint. The judge also dismissed a million-peso civil suit against the diocese of Punta Arenas and the Salesian Congregation. The dismissal of the civil suit was upheld because the statute of limitations had been reached.

The archdiocese of Puerto Montt website, last updated in , lists him as parochial vicar. Procesan a sacerdote por abuso de menores , El Mercurio, Corte de Magallanes decide procesar a sacerdote , emol. Corte rechaza segundo proceso contra sacerdote , El Mercurio, Declaration of the Society of Jesus in Chile , Iglesia.

Low was the diocese's coordinator of youth ministry. The abuses occurred from October to January According to the victim's testimony, Low sexually penetrated him on two separate occasions, once at the residence of bishop Bernardo Bastres.

On another occasion, when the diocese was closed, Low sexually assaulted the boy at the youth ministry offices. Following Low's April arrest and suspension from ministry, it was discovered that in April he had been accused of sexually abusing a five-year-old boy at a Salesian school in the Punta Arenas diocese.

The case did not advance because the victim's family resisted pursuing an investigation. In March , after spending almost a year in jail, Low was tried on two counts of sexual abuse, which carried a possible sentence of 8 years in prison, and two counts of statutory rape 13 years in prison. Low maintained his innocence. He was convicted in April of engaging in consensual "carnal access" with a minor of the same sex.

Absolved of the more serious charges due to insufficient evidence, he received an day sentence that could be completed outside of prison, after which he would be subjected to monitoring by authorities for a period of 10 years.

In September the victim's mother filed a civil suit for million pesos over , U. In August , Low was ordered to pay 40 million pesos about 55, U. The suit against the diocese was dismissed. That same month, the Vatican announced Low's removal from the clerical state. At the time, he was reportedly pursuing a law degree.

In December , a court of appeals nullified the compensation for damages ruling due to a procedural error. In June , it was reported that the civil suit would be repeated , though no further updates could be found. Low was included on the Chilean bishops' public list of guilty clerics for the five years - it was posted. Condenan a sacerdote por haber tenido relaciones sexuales con menor , by Claudia Espinoza, La Tercera, Missionary in South America. Accused of sexually abusing and raping a girl for three years beginning when she was 16 years old at a Catholic high school in Cleveland OH U.

Mangen denied the allegations but acknowledged having been "sexually active" with minors and adults. In , he was transferred to Chile. He became a parish priest in the rural town of Tralcao , located in the southern municipality of Mariquina [Valdiva Province, Los Rios Region].

Sebastian church in the Chilean town of Purranque [Osorno Province]. In , according to the Official Catholic Directory , he was working as a priest in Peru. Mangen Assignment Record , Bishopaccountability.

Laicized after being found guilty by the church of child sexual abuse. As of January , no further information had been released about the nature of the abuse or the age and gender of the victim. The bishop's notice included the following timeline: In January , after the church deemed the allegations credible, the diocese initiated an administrative penal process. In December , the diocese sent its findings to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Shortly before the September 18, announcement of his laicization, the bishops took down from their website the names of 30 clerics convicted either by the church or under secular law of child sexual abuse. In its place, the bishops published a terse, one-page document with only the number of convicted clerics. Clerigos sentencias , Episcopado. Iglesia condena a pena canonica a sacerdote por abuso sexual a meno. Sacerdote en Chile es condenado por abuso sexual contra menor, aciprensa , by Giselle Vargas, Jueces desestiman denuncias contra sacerdote colombiano acusado de abuso sexual en Osorno , by Carolina Gatica, biobiochile, Comunicado de la Provincia Mercedaria de Chile , Iglesia.

Formalizan a sacerdote mercedario por presuntamente abusar contra menor con deficiencia mental , emol. Iglesia remueve de por vida a cura mercedario acusado de abusar sexualmente de un menor , emol. Vaticano suspende de por vida a sacerdote chileno por abusos sexuales , 24horas.

Padre de menor abusado por cura en Iglesia La Merced: In June , Fr. This was the first and only public mention of the allegation. According to Concha, the church had received notice in November that Mileo had abused a minor. The findings of an internal investigation were sent to the order's headquarters in Rome.

In November , the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith prohibited Mileo from any form of public ministry and sentenced him to a life of prayer and penitence. The announcement about Mileo did not provide details about his wrongdoing or assignment history, and we could not locate any media coverage of the case.

It appears that Mileo once taught at a Franciscan school for children, Colegio San Antonio in La Serena, Chile, judging from a document on the school's website. A June Franciscan publication noted his upcoming birthday. Added to the Chilean bishops' public list of guilty clerics in The bishops replaced the list in August with a list giving only the numbers of those found guilty.

Comunicado de la Orden Franciscana en Chile , Iglesia. Iglesia Catolica retiro de su sitio lista de nombres de sacerdotes condenados por abuso , Cooperativa. Nuestro Presbiterio , diocesisdechillan. Prominent university professor and lawyer.

Founder of three prestigious Catholic schools. In , he received the National Award in Education Sciences. The man had reported Montes to civil authorities in , when he was a year-old student at San Esteban school, where Montes was rector. According to the complainant , in a meeting with Montes in June , the educator had kissed him three times on the mouth and hugged him twice in a way that "immobilized" him.

Montes had appeared in court in and denied being abusive. He also said he had met with the boy's father and that they had "come to the conclusion that there was a 'misunderstanding. The criminal case was dismissed that year. Also in , testimonies collected in an investigation by journalism students said that Montes had caressed students, attempted to kiss them on the mouth and invited them to swim naked. We could not locate information about the outcome of the church's investigation into Montes.

His name never appeared on the Chilean bishops' public list of clerics sentenced under canon or civil law during the five years - the list was public. Joven que acusa a Hugo Montes de abusos: Bariloche police arrested Morales after he was reported by parents who were there as supervisors on the trip, led by Morales, for 36 third-year students. The two boys had discovered photos of them on Morales's laptop taken by him the previous night in the boys' hotel room when they were in an alcohol-induced sleep.

In one of the photos, Morales's hand identified by his ring is seen lowering the underwear of one boy to expose his genitals, while with his other hand he is touching the genitals of the other boy. Later that month, Morales was scheduled to lead another trip elsewhere in Valdivia province for a large group of grade school boys. Morales told police, during the interrogation, that the genital organs of adolescents stirred his curiosity.

He allegedly had a history. Between and , he was administrator at Instituto Salesiano de Valdivia, where he would return in Former students and staff there said rumors began to circulate that he was attracted to adolescent boys.

At the end of , a teacher told the Provincial Superior of the Salesians, Bernardo Bastres, that Morales had been engaging in inappropriate behavior with male students, including asking them to give him massages in his office.

In , he went to work at a foundation for children at risk in the archdiocese of Puerto Montt, Llanquihue province, Los Lagos region. He left after one year because of problems with a teacher who thought that the students were spending too much time with him. Immediately following his December arrest, the Salesians announced his suspension from ministry and separation from his job as pastoral coordinator. At his arraignment, he was charged with the production and storage of child pornography, and jailed for 60 days awaiting trial.

After police confiscated Morales's laptop and camera, other incriminatory photos were used as evidence in the trial. He was placed on house arrest at her residence and prohibited from leaving the country or having any contact with the two boys. In April , he was sentenced to days. He was allowed to serve his sentence outside of jail, during which time he was prohibited from any employment that would bring him in contact with minors.

Following the completion of his sentence, he was to remain under supervision of the law enforcement center for social reintegration for a period of 10 years. El "cura Tato" de Valdivia , The Clinic, Sucesos policiales , Iglesia. Suspenden a sacerdote en Chile por denuncia de abuso de menores en , Arzobispado de Puerto Montt reconoce denuncia contra sacerdote por abuso sexual de un menor de edad , El Mostrador, Convicted of sexually abusing four female minors, ages , and possession of child pornography including sexually explicit photos of two of the victims.

Sentenced in May to 10 years and 1 day for the four counts of child sexual abuse, plus days for possession of child pornography. Ampuero received a 5-year sentence. His work included hosting youth groups. The victim reported the abuse in November to the National Service for Minors Sename , which filed a complaint with authorities. Sentenced to three years and one day in prison.

Resultado de Recortes , Iglesia. Destinaciones pastorales y situaciones personales de algunos sacerdotes. The punishment was confirmed in January by the Congregation for Consecrated Life.

In November , the Chilean bishops published a list of clerics who had been found guilty of abusing minors under canon or civil law. The list remained posted for five years, and grew from 18 to 30 names. Diputados aprueban revoacar nacionalidad chilena de sacerdote John O'Reilly , aciprensa.

Member of the Comboni Missionaries. The abuse was reported by the boy's mother, after her son arrived home in tears and told his parents that Father Lao had touched the boy's genitals in the parish's sacristy. She immediately filed a criminal complaint with local law enforcement but Olivares had already left the country and was in Mexico on vacation for 2.

In July , Bishop Troncoso opened an investigation into "a complaint of alleged inadequate conduct against a minor that concerns Fr. Troncoso said that Olivares had maintained his innocence and that "there hasn't been any bad intention. According to media outlets, he left for Mexico one day after the criminal complaint was filed. He returned to Chile in September and appeared before a judge of Melipilla. The diocese of Melipilla said it would cooperate with secular authorities to help clarify the "alleged inappropriate conduct attributed to Olivares," and that a record of events related to the case had been sent to the Vatican for it to decide whether or not to proceed with a canonical trial.

On October 1, , a judge charged Olivares with sexual abuse. According to the judgment, on two separate occasions Olivares sat the boy on his lap, caressed the boy's stomach beneath his clothes, and inserted his hand beneath the boy's pants, touching his genitals. On both occasions, an altar boy entered the sacristy and witnessed the incident.

The first time it happened, the boy remained silent. When it happened a second time, he revealed both incidents to his parents. The diocese of Melipilla wrote in a statement that Olivares had been "charged by a court of law after the family of a minor of his [Olivares's] community accused him of inappropriate behavior," adding that Olivares "declares himself innocent.

He reportedly remained in custody in a local jail awaiting sentencing. We could not determine the outcome of the prosecution. Comunicado , Obispado de Melipilla, Iglesia. Estanislao Olivares , Iglesia. The victims said Olivares invited them to his residence, kissed them and tried to have sexual relations with them.

Following the allegations, he voluntarily separated himself from all ministerial duties. He was released on bail in January , despite the fact that the Court of Appeals had initially denied him bail because he represented a danger to society. In November , Olivares was sentenced to 3 years and 1 day of incarceration, but that sentence was modified in April to five years probation and a fine of 15 million pesos.

Olivares maintained his innocence throughout. Bishop Duarte did not declare Olivares' suspension from ministry until April In December , reported financial difficulties forced the closing of the children's home where the abuse occurred. Olivares was included on the Chilean bishops' public list of guilty clerics for the five years - it was posted.

He was listed under the sub-category of those convicted in the Chilean criminal justice system. Libertad bajo fianza para sacerdote acusado de abusos , Iglesia. Sacerdote de Playa Ancha sometido a proceso por abusos sexuales , emol. Caso del sacerdote Eduardo Oliveras , Iglesia. Resigned as bishop of Iquique in October at age 47, per canon The resignation occurred after several days of damaging news reports: The prosecutor said that although it was likely the case was prescribed, he had found the victim's allegations to be " absolutely true.

As of January , he retained the title of bishop emeritus of Iquique and reportedly was living in Santiago. El denunciatnte de obispo de Lquique: A la justicia antigua denuncia contra obispo , El Mercurio, Charged May with statutory rape in of a year-old girl. The girl was an altar attendant and aspiring nun. The prosecution alleged that Orellana had sexually abused the girl on at least five occasions.

Although the relations were described as "consensual," Orellana was accused of exploiting his authority and the girl's innocence. In March , the priest was acquitted. Later in , however, an appeals court annulled the first trial and announced a new trial. In the second trial, Orellana was found guilty. His sentence was determined jointly by the church and civil courts. Bishop Contreras described it in a June interview: When the Chilean bishops first released a list of guilty clergy in November , Orellana was included in the sub-category 'convicted under Chilean criminal law' ['condenados en la justicia penal chilena'.

In a interview with El Aconcagua, Bishop Contreras accused Orellana of retaliating against him by initiating an allegation that the bishop himself had sexually abused minors. Contreras denied the allegation and was not criminally charged. A Vatican investigation deemed him innocent. As of January , Orellana remained in ministry: Obispo Declara en Juicio Sexual , Iglesia. San Felipe diocese parish listings , obispadosanfelipe. Mother Superior of the Ursuline nuns in Chile for more than 25 years.

Investigated by the Vatican at the end of for "inappropriate behavior," as well as abuse of power and financial irregularities. Santiago archbishop Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati said that the Vatican's decision to remove her from her position as Mother Superior had to do with "possible behavior at odds with the norms of the Order," but did not specify. A prosecutor who specialized in sex abuse crimes was assigned to investigate.

The allegations of both women were deemed credible. A third alleged victim, who was not a minor at the time, said that Lagos molested her but, due to travel distance, was unable to present a formal complaint at the prosecutor's office.

In May , the case was assigned to the Criminal Tribunal of Santiago as an attempt to avoid dismissal due to statute of limitations. In June , the Vatican announced that it had closed its investigation, without explanation. A year later, Lagos, her health failing, returned to Chile to live with a family member.

She died in July Paula was never included in the Chilean bishops' public list of clerics found guilty under canon or civil law. El Vaticano interviene a las Ursulinas chilenas , periodistadigital. Convicted in of the genital molestation of an unconscious year-old male who was a hospital patient near death. The priest was sentenced in March to days of probation. The La Serena Court of Appeals revoked the sentence on the legal grounds, argued by the defense, that for abuse to have occurred, it would have been necessary for the victim to have taken part in a sexual situation, which was impossible given his state of unconsciousness.

In September , however, the original sentence was upheld after the Supreme Court, by unanimous decision, nullified the resolution of the appeals court. The church's statement about his death did not mention his conviction. Sacerdote condenado por abusos se radica en el Valle del Elqui , by Jorge Budrovich, recortes.

Clero Arquidiocesano , arzobispadodelaserena. Comunicamos sensible fallecimiento del Pbro. Accused in May of sexually abusing four male children, who were siblings, in Chicago, IL.

Peralta had been in Chicago for a little over a year, working at a youth center. Chicago church documents obtained in litigation revealed that the first report of child sexual abuse by Peralta occurred when he was a seminarian in Chile in the early s, resulting in his departure. In Peru in the s, a religious disciplinary committee found that "indescribable things have happened" and ordered Peralta to say away from children.

He was sent to Domus Mariae, a treatment center for problem priests in Argentina. In , his Salesian superiors transferred him to Chicago, declaring him a priest in good standing.

The Salesians in the U. After Peralta's abuse of the four boys in Chicago, he was sent to a Salesian community in New Jersey, evaluated at a Virginia mental health facility, then sent to the Salesian provincial house in Mexico City. The Chicago archdiocese did not notify the Dept.

The Long Arm of Abuse. El Vaticano enfrenta una sesion inquisitiva , by Emilio Goddy, proceso. Comunicado Arzobispado de Santiago , Arzobispado de Santiago, Sacerdote en Chile es denunciado por abuso de 14 menores , El Espectador, Ezzati reportedly already knew of alleged abuses by Precht toward two minors. Vela was in a secondary school, Seminario Pontificio Menor , when he met Precht.

Vela took his own life at age 29 , in He was a psychologist and in a doctoral program in Irvine, California. Precht had visited him just a week earlier. She was spurred by the news that Precht had become pastor of Santa Clara Church of La Cisterna, replacing Rodrigo Allendes, who had committed suicide days before after being accused of sexual abuse by a year-old parishioner.

In all, nearly 20 independent testimonies were given by males who were between 15 and 35 years old in the s and s when they said Precht sexually abused them. The abuse included "gropings," "caresses from chest downwards," "kisses on the mouth," "masturbations," and "homosexual acts. Las culpas del Vicario by Andrea Lagos.

In December , the archdiocese announced that Precht had been found guilty of "abusive conduct" with adults and minors. In a recent interview , Ezzati said that Precht will again be allowed to celebrate Mass publicly.

In November , the Chilean bishops posted a list of priests found guilty under civil or canon law, and updated the list occasionally over the next five years. Precht was missing on the lists dated and , but he appears on lists dated , and , under the sub-category of those sentenced under canon law. The bishops removed the list of names from their website in August Comunicado del Arzobispado de Santiago sobre Pbro. Precht, la biografia no autorizada , LaTercera, Ezzati por fin de condena de Precht: Admitted in March to "sexual misconduct" while working as a priest in Chile from to Robinson was assigned to Boston, MA when he made the admission; he also acknowledged that he'd had "sexual relations" with a year-old boy in a parish rectory there.

Robinson returned to Australia in April , before civil authorities could investigate. He was allowed to resume ministry in Australia in He died October 4, Not included at any time on the Chilean bishops' public list of guilty clerics.

This list of names was first posted on the website of the bishops' conference in November and was occasionally updated. The bishops removed the list of names in August , replacing it with a one-page document giving only tallies of those found guilty under canon or civil law. Robinson Obituary , Herald Sun Tributes, Arrested in June on charges of sexually abusing at least ten high school students after one of the victims went to the police.

The victims had attended San Francisco de Isis boarding school, where Rogel was an administrator. Rogel abused them on school grounds, giving them money in exchange for sexual favors. The bishop of Villarrica declared Rogel's suspension from ministry. In August , the Temuco prosecutor said that Villarrica bishop Francisco Javier Stegmeier Schmidlin had had "direct knowledge" of Rogel's crimes, but did not report them.

On August 20, , Rogel was convicted of sexually abusing four minors repeatedly from to A few days later, he was sentenced to 10 years and one day in prison. The prosecution had recommended a 15 -year prison sentence.

Witnesses testified to similar abuses dating back to the early 90s, if not earlier , but the statute of limitations had been reached for those crimes. His sentence was upheld after a court of appeals rejected mistrial motion by the defense. Suspendido ministerio a sacerdote acusado de abuso sexual , Iglesia.

Deteienen en Chile a un sacerdote acusado de abuso sexual a menores , periodistadigital. Condenan a sacerdote de Cunco por abusos sexuales contra cuatro menores de edad , La Tercera, Accused in a lawsuit of abusing a student of the Salesian Institute in Valdivia in , when the student was a year-old boy.

Rojas was deputy director and a religion teacher. In the school psychologist expressed concern to the school principal after 10 students came to him about Rojas' behavior. When the psychologist said he would go to the press if Rojas wasn't removed, Rojas was sent out of the country, on a mission to Conakry in Guinea.

Committed suicide in February Ezzati was then director of the Society. Fallecimiento del Padre Rimsky Rojas sdb , Iglesia. In , Bishop Quintana Jorquera, C. Rojas was director of the school When and where the alleged abuse occurred, as well as the nature of the abuse and the gender and age of the victims, is unknown.

According to news reports, Rojas had been investigated in for the alleged misappropriation of 50 million pesos from the Vallenar school. He was suspended from ministry in September In July , the bishop announced that the Congregation for the Clergy had permanently removed Rojas from the clerical state, having verified his "abusive behavior with adults and with a minor, in addition to other serious crimes.

Since , the canonical crime of child sexual abuse has been the exclusive responsibility of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It is unclear why the Congregation for the Clergy issued a ruling on Rojas's case. Sometime in or , Rojas was added to the Chilean bishops' public list of guilty priests, under the sub-category of those sentenced under canon law. His name is not on the July 26, version of the list but it is on the July 25, version.

Iglesia chilena investiga a otro sacerdote por abuso de menores , periodistadigital, Arrested in the city of Salamanca [Choapa Province, Coquimbo Region] in November on charges of sexually assaulting a 14 year-old boy. He was suspended from ministry and prohibited from returning to the city for a year.

His name appeared under the sub-category of priests sentenced under canon law. Accused in September of conduct that could constitute a crime against canon law, according to the diocese. Bishop Alejandro Goic of the Rancagua diocese announced a preliminary investigation and suspended him from ministry.

The outcome of the investigation is not known. Superior General of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales in Chile, Salazar was removed from ministry after he was accused of having sexually abused an adolescent boy at St. Francis de Sales school in Maipu.

The abuse occurred sometime after , into the s. His accuser said that Salazar and Rev. Hector Valdes abused him together "hundreds of times," and that the two priests abused other children. Salazar's accuser presented to the Ecclesiastical Court an audio recording with a conversation between Salazar and the accuser regarding sex between the two priests and young people. In July , the Vatican announced its determination that Salazar was guilty of sexually abusing a minor, and that Salazar was therefore removed from the clerical state for life.

In June , Santiago archbishop Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati announced that the archdiocese's own investigation of the priest had found "credible news of abusive behavior with adults and minors. Never included on Chilean bishops' public list of guilty clerics during the five years it was public The alleged victim was 16 at the time. Soto was the first cleric to be subject to the Protocol. The alleged victim, who said Soto "ruined his life," also filed a criminal complaint with civil authorities.

That case was dismissed in December due to the statute of limitations. In May , Koljatic announced the Church was "unable to establish the existence of a crime" by Soto and that there would be no canonical penal process. He also noted that the criminal case had been dismissed. Soto's suspension was lifted. He resumed ministry as a substitute priest and chaplain of a home for the elderly in Linares.

Soto died on August 31, at age Comunicado del Obispado de Linares , Iglesia. Investigan por supuesto abuso sexual a religioso de Linares , lacuarta. Obispado de Linares, Chile , accessed Admitted in a letter to his superiors that he had sexually abused high schoolers in Berlin, Germany as well as in Spain and Chile in the s and s.

Statt worked in parishes in Chile He left the priesthood in Statt admitted the abuse in a January Der Spiege l interview; subsequently at least 20 of his former students surfaced with allegations against him. In September , the archbishop of Antofagasta, Pablo Lizama, said in an interview with a local newspaper that his diocese was conducting a preliminary investigation of at least two sex abuse allegations implicating priests in his diocese, one of whom "was very affectionate with a boy.

In the interview, Archbishop Lizama said, "There are priests in jail for this in Santiago. Towards the end of , Archbishop Lizama submitted his resignation due to health problems. One and a half years passed before the Vatican named Lizama's successor, Ignacio Ducasse, in early June Ducasse assumed his new position as archbishop of Antofagasta at the end of August.

As of January , there had been no public updates to the former archbishop's interview. The Church has provided no information concerning the church's investigation of these cases, the welfare of the victim s , the identity of the accused priests, or their current status and whereabouts. Arzobispado de Antofaga investiga dos denuncias pro presunto abuso sexual de sacerdotes , by Ignacio Araya, soychile. Ignacio Ducasse, nuevo arzobispo de Antofagasta , Iglesia. Sacerdote permanece alejado de todo cargo pastoral tras denuncia por abuso sexual , by Nicole Briones, BioBioChile, Abusos sexuales ahora en Villarrica: The alleged victims testified that they were "groped and covered with kisses on numerous occasions" by Valdebenito between June and August , while they were preparing for their first communion.

In April , the National Service for Minors Sename filed a criminal complaint on behalf of the mother of one of the victims and the grandmother of the other victim.

In response, according to the grandmother, the bishop, Miguel Caviedes Medina, who retired in , said he would punish Valdebenito by giving him a good yank on his ears. Other alleged victims came forth to testify against Valdebenito. They included three altar boys of Negrete who testified to sleeping in the nude in the clergy house with Valdebenito, who invited them to his bedroom, tossed them on his bed, and kissed them on the mouth.

The boys also testified that the priest had them bathe nude in a nearby river. This was verified by an eyewitness. In addition, two other minors testified that they were molested by Valdebenito beginning in while attending his parish in preparation for their first communion. The March allegations involving the children age 10 and age 12 were formally investigated and deemed credible in April Bishop Caviedes announced Valdebenito's suspension from ministry but said he considered him innocent as long as secular authorities were unable to prove otherwise.

Later that month, a court of appeals upheld the results of the investigation. Valdebenito did not turn himself in to authorities and was not taken into custody. He appealed to the Supreme Court and was exonerated the following month in a decision.

The lawyer who represented the two minors attributed the Supreme Court ruling in part to the fact that certain members of the Court were also professors at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. However, the case against him was not reopened. He maintained his innocence throughout and called the sex abuses charges against him a political conspiracy.

He died of a heart attack in September Despite the numerous allegations against him, Valdebenito was never included in the Chilean bishops' public list of clerics deemed guilty under canon or civil law. Suprema libera a sacerdote Enrique Valdebenito , emol.

A former Superior and founder of the Chilean branch of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, Valdes was convicted in of sexually abusing two minors. There were multiple allegations of abuse against him. He was suspected of the rape of an altar boy in Lebu who took his own life at age 13, in Francis de Sales School chapel, where Valdes was chaplain.

The boy called the police. A public prosecutor filed a case, but it was abruptly closed. Another accuser said he was abused over a four-year period, beginning when he was 15 years old, in Roberto Salazar sexually abused him together, "hundreds of times. The director of a branch of St.

Paula was later alleged to have sexually abused girls at Ursuline schools. Provincial Superior of the Jesuits ' Chilean province First accused in late and early of "incidents" that occurred The church did not specify the age or gender of the victim s or the nature of the allegations. Additional evidence emerged in early , and he was replaced by a new Provincial Superior. The results of an internal investigation were released in November A month later, a new allegation led to another formal investigation, and Valenzuela was suspended from ministry.

The priest issued a public statement, admitting to "mistakes" but not "crimes. In August , the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith decided not to open a canonical process, and authorized the Provincial Superior to determine disciplinary measures, if any, against Valenzuela. As of August , Valenzuela remained a priest in Chile. The Jesuits' website links to an August 9, op-ed in a Chilean newspaper co-written by Valenzuela.

It seems he currently works at or is affiliated with Villa Padre Hurtado , a Catholic establishment for the elderly. Not included on Chilean bishops' list of guilty clerics. Jesuitas Chile magazine , April [See pg. Restringen ejercicio sacerdotal de jesuita Eugenio Valenzuela por denuncia en su contra , by A.

Recortes , Chilean bishops' conference website, Denunciantes de ex provincial de los jesuitas revelan graves antecedentes en su contra , emol. Los que no marchan , Eugenio Valenzuela SJ et al. Ex sacerdote angolino fue acusado de abusos a menores , elmarchiguano.

Curas en la mira: Arrested and jailed in September on suspicion of sexually abusing three girls, one of whom he raped. The rape victim was twelve years old; the other girls were between 13 and The abuses occurred over several years beginning in the early s.

All three girls were in the church choir in the rural town of Putaendo, where Valenzuela, known as "Fr. Civil authorities learned of his crimes when one of the victims, by then 20, filed a criminal complaint. At Valenzuela's trial in , Camilo Vial, bishop of San Felipe from to , testified that in he had been informed by a nun that a year-old girl at the Carmelitas School of San Felipe had confessed to her that she had been molested by Valenzuela.

However, a separate media outlet reported that that same girl had in fact been raped and impregnated by Valenzuela, before having an abortion. Ten years later, he requested to return to San Felipe; Vial assigned him to be vicar and parish administrator in Putaendo.

Contreras said a member of the Putaendo parish came to him and reported that he had seen a girl leave Valenzuela's office in a "deeply affected" state. Contreras took up the matter with the deacon of Putaendo, who expressed concern that Valenzuela had been spending long periods of time in his office with the girl. Contreras met with Valenzuela, who told him that he had an "attachment problem" which he'd already discussed with Vial. Contreras, in his testimony, said he didn't deem it necessary to take any concrete action, as no formal complaints had been brought against Valenzuela.

In June , the Vatican announced Valenzuela's removal from the clerical state. Six months later, in December , Bishop Vial stated publicly that, in reference to what had happened in , "there was no clarity" about the procedures that one ought to follow in response to suspected child sex abuse by a cleric.

The archbishop of Santiago, Ricardo Ezzati, pronounced his support for Vial, who he said "acted with rectitude and with the knowledge of the time. Later in December , Valenzuela was convicted in a court of law of the rape and repeated sexual abuse of the twelve-year-old girl, who, it was revealed, had been nine years old when he first began molesting her.

In January , Valenzuela was sentenced to 15 years and one day in jail and ordered to pay his victim 10 million pesos. He was absolved of the accusations involving the other two girls due to insufficient evidence.

Included as of August on Chilean bishops' public list of guilty clerics. Ex sacerdote de Putaendo fue encontrado culpable de abusos a menores , El Mercurio, Comunicado del Arzobispado de Santiago , Comunicaciones Santiago, Links are provided to the publicly filed court documents and mainstream media articles that are the sources for this database, and a factual summary of the allegations is provided for each accused person.

Unless the person has been convicted, the Database of Publicly Accused Priests does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. For more information on our approach, see the posting policy for our US database. Leturia was first accused publicly in September , when the newspaper La Tercera reported that a victim had filed criminal complaint against him.

One year into his six-year term as rector, he was removed due to inappropriate conduct. The Provincial Superior of the Jesuits said that Leturia's exit "had to do with alcohol, various incidents, and an indirect complaint from a family. I don't recall the details, but a father said something or other about sexual conduct with a boy, and that was the impetus for him [Leturia] leaving the school a few days later.

Beginning in the early s, he worked at Colegio San Ignacio El Bosque in Santiago, where he taught and was a spiritual adviser. In , the Jesuits sent him to the United States for treatment, ostensibly for his alcoholism. However when he returned to Santiago in , his ministry was restricted to working with adults only.

In July , a Chilean prosecutor received an email from a former Colegio San Mateo student who said that Leturia sexually abused him while the priest was rector of the school. The victim provided the names of others who he said had similar experiences and would be available to testify. Prosecutors opened an investigation and met with Society of Jesus officials to substantiate the allegations. The Jesuits admitted that they had received a complaint in February and had suspended Leturia the following month.

In September , a criminal complaint was filed with a Santiago court, formally accusing Leturia of sexual abuse in at the Osorno school. The abuse included "touches and measurement of genitals. Because for me they never did. I did it to help the lads as a way to help their growth, their self-esteem The Provincial Superior said that, despite the accusation, it was not the Society's intention to expel Leturia from the congregation because "we can give him more help.

He is a brother who has problems. Though the statute of limitations had been reached for the sex abuse allegations, the alleged victim said he presented the complaint "as a measure of pressure to reach a legal agreement, that is, compensation for moral damages from what occurred," and that he hoped "the crimes never happened again and that Leturia is investigated and prosecuted.

In January , an appeals courts unanimously dismissed the case. In November , the Chilean bishops released a list of 18 clerics "with restricted ministry because of serious crimes against minors. The other 8, including Leturia, were listed as priests "who have received a canonical sentence statute of limitations reached, absolved, suspended, or in process in the criminal justice system. His actions were first exposed in a television report that tracked and described his movements.

He was thereby arrested and suspended from ministry. The case was brought to court by the National Service for Minors Sename. In Chile since High-ranking Legionary, chaplain and spiritual director at the Legionaries' prestigious school, Colegio Cumbres , in Las Condes commune, Santiago. Accused in July of two separate charges of sexual abuse of two girls, who were sisters and Colegio Cumbres students. O'Reilly allegedly abused the older girl, beginning when she was 8 years old, from to , and the younger girl, beginning when she was 4 years old, during The abuse of the younger girl was revealed when the mother of the girls reported it to school officials.

O'Reilly was suspended from ministry and placed on house arrest in September during investigation. Convicted in October of repeatedly molesting the younger girl at Colegio Cumbres, beginning when she was age 4 in March and continuing off and on until July O'Reilly abused her in the school's administrative offices, where he touched her genitals and buttocks beneath her clothing.

The victim testified that O'Reilly, after locking the door and closing the curtains, lowered her pants and placed candies on her genitals and anus. In November , he was sentenced to four years and one day of "supervised freedom. He maintained his innocence throughout. On grounds of insufficient evidence, he was absolved of abusing the victim's older sister. In early , he was stripped of his Chilean citizenship; later that year he was served with an expulsion order to leave the country upon completion of his sentence in December In August , the Vatican opened a canonical process against him.

In September , the Appeals Court of Santiago revoked the expulsion order, on grounds that he was a Chilean citizen at the time that he committed the abuse. In effect, the National Congress had conferred him citizenship in for his service to the country. Where to eat, where to take the best pictures, where to go out at night, what is the top 10 in Santiago?

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