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Tickets can be bought online , or in person. So far the day has involved a fair bit of walking, so this might be a good opportunity to rest and let the scenery float by, perhaps accompanied by a coffee or something stronger.

From the port area, a number of operators offer boat tours of varying length which will give you a different perspective of Barcelona harbour. There are a number of operators though with different tour lengths and routes, depending on what you want to see. The Catalonia History Museum will take you through the full history of the region and its people, from prehistory right up to the modern day.

Time for an evening drink and some food, before we kick off our second day of our three day Barcelona itinerary. Despite this being an active construction zone, the majority of building is open to the public. Entry is timed, so your best option is to buy your ticket online in advance also cheaper! Again, as it gets later in the day the building gets more crowded, so we definitely recommend visiting earlier in the day if you can.

Holders of the Barcelona Card get a discount on tickets, however to our knowledge this can only be redeemed when purchasing tickets in person, not online.

The Barcelona City Pass includes the Sagrada Familia, and lets you book your entrance time online before you go. See more on discount passes in Barcelona in the section on saving money in Barcelona below. You can explore this complex and go inside a number of the buildings. Next on our itinerary is a trip up towards Park Güell.

This is a little bit different though, being as it is a large park area with a number of installations to explore and visit. Originally planned as a housing development of upper class properties offering spectacular views, the vision of sixty homes was never realised, with only two actually completed. This has a separate entry fee, but if you are interested in seeing how he lived, is worth the visit.

Park Güell used to be free to visit, but its overwhelming popularity led to a ticketing system being put in place. This has timed entrances, helping to keep the park more pleasant for everyone to visit.

You can visit parts of the park without a ticket, but the key attractions, known as the Monumental Zone, do require a ticket. We advise booking tickets for Park Güell online in advance to be sure you are not disappointed or have to wait when you arrive. Holders of the Barcelona City Pass can also pre-book their timed entry to Parc Guell online, and entry is also included as part of this card. And that sums up our second day of exploration in Barcelona!

But first, we start with the:. What better way to start the day than with chocolate? Barcelona was one of the major ports for chocolate to arrive into Europe, and it played a key role in the economy of the city.

Also fun are the many chocolate statues and displays made of chocolate. Definitely a fun way to start a full day of exploration in Barcelona! This is the oldest part of the city, and has some of the highlights of Barcelona tucked away. Whilst wandering the Gothic Quarter is an experience of itself, there are a number of attractions within that you should check out. First of these, coming from the Chocolate Museum, is the excellent Picasso Museum , which celebrates the early part of the artists life and work, as well as housing some of his later work.

A must for fans. This is free to enter, and worth popping into. Depending on your interests and how much time you have, you will probably want to pick a few of these rather than try to rush around all of them.

This huge fortress has played a key role in the history of the city over the last few hundred years, serving as a Spanish control over the potentially unruly Catalan city, as well as a prison and execution centre. Today the castle is open to visitors and you can wander the huge walls, take in the views across the city skyline, and think back to darker times. This is a huge open air architectural museum, built in , which consists of full-size buildings representing fifteen different regions of Spain, many of which are replicas of actual buildings.

Again, you could spend a few hours just wandering around here as there is a lot to see and do. It also regularly hosts concerts, gastronomic festivals and other events. An imposing building with a spectacular view over the city, the National Museum of Catalan Art MNAC is a must-visit for anyone with an interest in the art of the Catalonia region.

It has art of various styles from across the centuries, including an impressive collection of romanesque church paintings. You can also take the lift to the top floor to wander on the roof, which offers excellent views of the city. The last entry on our final day of our three day Barcelona itinerary is the Magic Fountain , which you can see from the steps in front of the National Museum of Catalan Art.

This fountains runs a spectacular sound and light show in the evenings which is a real treat to watch as the water displays synchronise with the sound and light. The schedule depends on the time of year — you can see it here. If you have a bit more time in Barcelona, or simply want to swap a few things around in the itinerary, the below items should definitely be in your list. We took advantage of the free walking tour, and chose a three hour tour around the highlights of the Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas.

This was an excellent way to learn a bit about the history of the city and see some of the main attractions with a local. These were designed to be large enough to accommodate a horse drawn carriage, with one door being for entering the building, and the other for exiting. This latter place is a popular spot to see the sunset, depending on when you visit. You can even sit in the seats the coach sits in during the game!

Jess and I actually really enjoyed this visit, despite neither of us being huge football fans. If you do decide to visit, we definitely advise coming early as it gets very popular. Although fans may want to also catch a game here. Camp Nou is free for holders of the Barcelona Pass, and there is a small discount for holders of the Barcelona Card.

Dating from the 19th century, and the earliest green space in the city, this acre park has plenty of green space — perfect for a picnic, or to grab a breather from all your exploring. Built for a private owner between and , the home is still occupied by a private owner, so only certain parts of the property can be visited, although this does include the spectacular attic and roof areas which were the highlights in my mind.

I particularly enjoyed visiting the roof terrace, which has spectacular views over the city, with the bonus that the whole roof is designed to look like a dragon. Guided tours currently run on weekends, and there are also audio guided tours available. See times and languages on the official site here.

The only part of the church to be completed was the crypt area, although this feels more like a church than a crypt, with a full nave, altar and pews. Entry is free with the Barcelona Pass, and you get the audioguide as part of your entry too. And that sums up our suggested itinerary for three days in Barcelona! These work a little differently, and depending on what you want to visit, you might find one works better for you than the other.

If you plan to visit everything on the main itinerary above, the Barcelona Pass is a must. This is a cheaper option, and whilst it does offer free admission to a number of attractions, the majority of its benefit comes in the form of free public transport including the airport train and a range of discounts on popular attractions.

Click here for Park Guell tickets , and here for Sagrada Familia tickets. This pass includes both the Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell, and it lets you pre-book a timeslot for both of these, which is essential to a smooth queue free visit.

It also includes the airport bus transfer, hop on hop off bus, and discounted admission at the majority of the sites in this post. So, which card to go for? Barcelona is easy to get around, with an extensive bus, metro and light rail network. If you are going to use public transport, the most cost effective way to do so is the ten ticket T10 card, which lets multiple travellers use the same card. This is much cheaper than buying individual tickets and also lets you change transport options within an hour and fifteen minutes of starting your journey.

First, if you purchase a Barcelona Card or a Barcelona Card Express , you get free travel on the metro, buses, trams and trains for the duration of the card. This includes the airport metro and train. Our preferred option when booking accommodation is booking. They list everything from hotels to apartments to hostels, and we find they usually have the widest range at the most competiive prices. In particular, there has been a crackdown on city centre AirBnB accommodation, as well as a restriction on new hotel builds in the city centre.

Short term rental properties, such as those found on sites like AirBnB, need to be registered with the city, and will have been issued a license number. If you want to stay in a vacation rental, then we recommend picking one which has the license number on the listing to be sure you are not bothered whilst you stay. Unfortunately, this will really limit your options on apartments, as most of the listings with a license are outside of the gothic quarter and immediate surrounds.

These are known to frequent tourist areas, especially Las Ramblas and the metro system. We believe that most crime is opportunistic in nature, so if you take basic precautions and are aware of some common Barcelona scams , you should be fine. Electricity is of the v standard, with the 2 pin European style plug. Travellers from countries like the UK and the US will need an adapter, and US travellers need to check their equipment supports the v standard — it will be written clearly on the power adapter.

Barcelona is part of the Eurozone, so the main currency is the Euro. You can also pick up local SIM cards if you have an unlocked phone. Even park Guell could be free if you live here.. Wonderful list, Barcelona always struck us as being expensive but I believe anywhere can be done on a budget and some of the best experiences in a city are the free ones! Plus, there are all these cheap things to do! Yeah, there was a big stink about the park not being free anymore.

I bet they have some new security now! So sorry to hear you lost your job, but perhaps this will open doors you never had thought imaginable. Thanks heaps for sharing these tips, we will put them to good use. Sorry to hear you lost your job! But on the contrary to some not so good news. Do you have a blog post about the experience? How can I find the episode! I am so excited to be in Barcelona in less than 2 months.

Now I need to come back for these! Not sure what the Hunters show is but congrats on the celeb status! Maybe we can explore more of Barca together! I guess I lived there at the right time, I loved going at my own leisure. I guess it makes sense considering the economic situation. I know, they just started doing it over the past 18 months or so. I used to like going for free too. And congrats on House Hunters International!

Do you have a link to watch your episde? Your blog is great, your advice posts helped me so much before moving to BCN — keep up the good work! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Chill out at an outdoor movie theater During the summer, Barcelona residents love getting out and enjoying the good weather.

Look out for tapas routes Now, the tapas situation in Barcelona is nowhere near as good as it is in lots of other Spanish cities. Taylor on January 15, at 4: Jessica Barcelona Blonde on January 15, at 9: Oh, and thanks for the congrats!

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