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Then we want to stop dancing with that partner and start dancing with another partner who is standing on the edge of the dance floor. Many people go for the bands, but more go for the dancing and social atmosphere.


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We do not generally like to dance to what is called "Latin jazz" nor most of the salsa heard on pop Latin radio stations such as La Mega, salsa which is referred to as "pop", "commercial" or "romantica". Play For The Dancers - Remember: We have worked very hard to learn this complicated dance to a very specific type of music , and that is what we come to pure mambo events for.

We dancers want to ask someone to dance, have a nice dance with them to music we know which has a clear beginning and end, finish the dance within a reasonable period of time, and not be bored by the same style or speed of music being played continuously for hours.

We are very specific about the music we want to dance to. A successful DJ will excel in giving us this specific music. And more than anyone else, we know best what music goes with our way of dancing. This is a mistake. Play what we like, not what you think we ought to like. These are absolute "no no's" to pure On 2 mambo dancers. The reason is that we dance to an 8 count "dancer's measure" actually two 4 beat measures put together , and the "looping" and "mixing" changes the count so that we end up being off timing.

Also, these manipulations of the music are unpredictable, so we cannot choreograph our dancing to the music. This issue has been strongly felt for years and has become a major prohibition, like the 11th Commandment: The one modification to a song that is very occasionally OK is slowing down a very fast song's tempo a little bit.

There are a few very fast salsa songs which are way too fast to dance to smoothly and attractively, but which do have an excellent dancer's rhythm and great melody line. If a DJ has the technical equipment to slow down the song's tempo without changing the key, this may be done to bring the song's tempo down to a speed which makes it possible for us to dance to. Let The Song End Completely - The musicians composed a specific ending to the song, and we dancers choreograph our movements to be timed to that ending.

We may even do a certain turn, shine or dip right at the end of the song. We want a pause to allow for the feeling, key and rhythm of that song to emotionally complete itself before we start another song with a new partner. To us, each song and each partner is unique, so we need a little pause between each song, perhaps just 1 or 2 seconds, to make the emotional transition feel natural.

When DJs start another song instantly, or "mix" in the beginning of the next song with the ending of the last song, they destroy what the composer, musician and dancer are trying to do artistically. Perhaps these DJ's no longer hear and appreciate how different each song is. Perhaps all the songs are the same to them, so they just run all the songs together with no separating pause between them, as if it's all one song for the whole evening.

Obviously, these DJ's are not On 2 mambo dancers! There are also times when we want to finish dancing with the particular partner we are with. It may be because there's another person we want to dance with, or because we are not enjoying dancing with our current partner, and we want to finish as soon as possible. When a DJ "mixes" the end of one song with the beginning of another, or doesn't put a short pause between songs, it doesn't give us a definite signal that the song is over and it makes it more difficult to "gracefully" stop dancing with this particular partner.

Some partners want to keep dancing, but we may want to stop. Give us a clear break between songs. One of the reasons that commercial DJs may give for "mixing" when they move from one song to another, when they don't let the song end, is that they want to keep the dancers from leaving the floor. By blending 2 songs together, they want to keep the dance floor full at all times.

These DJs do not understand our way of dancing. We want to dance one song with one partner from beginning to end.

Then we want to stop dancing with that partner and start dancing with another partner who is standing on the edge of the dance floor. Therefore, we have to stop dancing to the first song, walk to the edge of the floor, ask the next person to dance, walk back out onto the dance floor and then start dancing to the next song with a new partner.

We do not keep dancing to song after song with the same partner. So we need the DJ to completely finish each song all the way to the final beat, give us a little pause, then start the next song, so we can move to our next partner.

This is what we want! Some songs have great rhythm but no melody line. It means we can sing or hum along with the tune while we're dancing. Yes, we move to the rhythm, but don't forget that the melody and also the words provide the feeling and meaning to our dancing. Most mambo dancers love it when one or both of the partners is singing along with the song while they're dancing, as if we're serenading each other.

So DJs, give us music with rhythm we can move to, and melody we can sing along with. A mambo dance crowd includes beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers, and they each have different taste in salsa music as well as varying ability. Beginners cannot keep up with fast music and, surprisingly, some so-called advanced dancers loose their timing in slow songs.

So give us variety. See our Song List for hundreds of suggestions. Here are some examples: These are only a few examples of the many classic medium or slow speed songs that are out there which are excellent to dance to. With hundreds of great songs to choose from, there's no reason for a DJ to get stuck in a rut playing only one style of song. But there are some very melodic and powerful songs by other artists that will make the dancers go wild.

Many DJs just focus on the rhythm, but they forget the melody. Here are some examples of songs with beautiful melodies as well as strong dancer's rhythms: There are many more. Also, there are so many wonderful partners available that we want a song to end so that we can dance with someone else.

And if we are stuck with a partner we don't enjoy dancing with, we don't want to have to dance longer than few minutes. A long song can be hell with the wrong partner. We may do certain turn patterns, shines, styling or dips at specific points in a song, or sing or hum along with the song almost as if we're serenading our partner, so we want to hear many songs we know. Some DJ's feel they have to frequently play "something new" or the most recent songs from the radio.

Give us a lot of what we know so that we can dance along with it. This is not to say that a DJ should not play any new songs at all. Some new songs are fine, though it should be chosen carefully to be suitable for our dance.

That means it should have a good strong "dancer's rhythm" and it should not have repeated "clave changes". Don't play something just because it's new. DJs should remember that although they may be spinning many times per week for 5 - 6 hours, we are only dancing a couple of times per week for a couple hours.

So while a DJ may be getting bored with certain songs, we are not getting bored because we are not hearing those songs as often. Plus, there are virtually hundreds of wonderful classic salsa dance songs available. Finally, songs of a "Latin jazz" style should be kept to a minimum since they are more for listening rather than dancing in our specific way.

WAV files, when using high-end sound equipment or professional DJ sound systems. The range of the sound spectrum is not as broad nor as clean. There is a predominance of midrange and higher sounds and the overall sound is more "flat", with less "depth" and richness.

Although MP-3 files, often downloaded from the internet, may sound similar to a CD when listening on a small device such as an IPOD or on a boom box or car radio, a comparison test on higher end and professional equipment shows a noticeable difference. For a scientific test comparison, see http: The reason for this lack of CD quality sound is that a regular 5 minute salsa song on a CD, or in a. WAV file, is approximately 50 megabytes of program material. That's 38 megabytes of the song's program data missing, and that missing information is what makes the sound quality worse with an MP Even though MP-3 compressed files utilize software to try to correct for the missing program material, it simply cannot compensate for the missing 38 megabytes.

It's just not possible. Overall, the best quality sound comes from a standard CD or from a full size. And if you're worried about storage space on your laptop's hard drive, remember that full-length salsa songs in. WAV files is only gigabytes. Most laptops these days come with gigabyte hard drives and many DJs are carrying around compact portable hard drives that have another gigabytes or even 1 terabyte. If a salsa DJ can't do a decent job with good songs available in their collection, they've got a big problem.

And, by the way, www. Often they have been standing still for the last 30 minutes or more and they are eager to start dancing. The DJ should play several medium speed familiar classic salsa songs so that everyone can dance. Many DJ's make the mistake of playing very fast salsa songs, or merengue, bachata or English music, after performances because they think people want a change.

Hopefully we have been inspired and excited by the salsa performances and we want to dance. If the songs are too fast, or are not salsa, most people will not dance and will be frustrated. The volume should not be too loud. Loud volume ruins the music and is harmful to the ears long-term the damage is cumulative over the years.

To judge loudness, ask some dancers in the crowd who are at least in their 40's or more. The DJ should step out into the center of the dance floor at least every hour to check the sound level and also balance of treble, midrange and bass. The balance should be comfortable and not extreme, and especially the bass should be clear so that we can hear the rhythm, but it should not be excessive and "boomy".

Only certain cha cha songs are suitable for mambo dancers - see our list of Good Cha Cha Songs below. Cha cha songs should be chosen based on having the right rhythm and tempo for dancers only. While there are plenty of cha cha songs which are musically beautiful, many which are in a "Latin jazz" style with long instrumental breaks, they are not necessarily appropriate for dancing to. As with salsa songs, good cha cha songs need to have a very definite strong dancer's rhythm. They cannot be too fast because the 3 cha cha quick steps need to fit comfortably within the measure, and they cannot be too long because of the limited turn patterns available and the insufficient cha cha knowledge of most mambo dancers.

There should never be more than 2 cha cha songs in a row, nor more than approximately 2 - 3 per hour in a typical mambo party. If the music fits our way of dancing, as described above, we're happy. Whether that music comes from a DJ or a live band is irrelevant to how we dance and how much we enjoy the event.

When we are dancing, we are looking at our partners, not the DJ or band. And after one good song, we want another one right away.

We do not want to listen to some second-rate song or announcer or bandleader talking for several minutes about nothing but nonsense. So who needs a band? From a dancer's point of view, a good DJ can beat a band almost anytime, because a good DJ can choose from hundreds of fantastic dance songs recorded by the world's best musicians.

But a band is always limited by its musical ability, its relatively small repertoire, its tendency to play songs longer than 5 - 6 minutes, and its limited ability to change songs based on the dancer's preferences hour by hour. Most bands only have a few really great songs. When they play a set, dancers are usually happy with only 1 or 2 songs, all the others are second-rate. When we buy a band's CDs, again, there are usually only 1 or 2 good songs.

But a DJ can play 10, 15, 20 great songs in a row, chosen from the world's best bands. How many bands can do that? Saludo especial a las mujeres de Afganistan e Irak que luchan con los invasores norteamericano. Antes de mujeres son seres humanos.

Y a ti Mariza ya diste el primer paso no te aisles y golpea las puertas necesarias hasta que seas escuchada, orientada y protegida. Un abrazo, —Hermes, Chile, el 4 de marzo del Mi marido me pega. Feliz Mes de la Mujer —Josefina Cantor, Colombia, el 1 de marzo del En cada aroma que sientas en la tierra en cada amor que rebeles con tu mirada en cada abrazo que entreges hay una mujer que demuestra que es mujer que demuestra que es mujer mostrando su amor. Ser mujer es tener un propio mundo, sin ti guapa hermosa no existiera un mundo.

La dulzura de la mujer es construir un la felicidad en el mundo. Suerte y besos para todas las mujeres. Muchas felicidades a todas las mujeres del mundo entero.

No te dejes pisotear, lucha por tus derechos como mujer, pork nosotras las mujeres tenemos los mismo derechos k los hombres. Y recuerda k la ley mas fuerte es la de la mujer, denuncia todos los maltratos tanto psicologico como fisico.

Feliz dia a todas las mujeres del mundo y que DIOS las protega y las bendiga siempre! Soy hombre y ellas tienen el mismo derecho en luchar lo q ellas quieren.

Que luche por sus ideales, que es el ser mas divino, las que nos dan alegria felicidad y amarguras. La mujer es lo mas importante que ha existido es el ser mas precioso que dios ha creado: Feliz dia de la mujer amigas que se la pasen super gracias, tekkiero alf.

Creo que como mujeres luchadoras y emprendedoras nos merecemos eso y mucho mas Yo Aprecio Mucho Esta Fecha Tan especial porque hay que Amarlas a ellas, son hermosas como rosas y por favor no hay que tratarlas mal ok? Gracias por existir, princesas. Hombres en la vida sobran. Es la mujer la que crea la vida, es ella la que mantiene la vida, es ella la que se esfuerza en hacer la familia y criar a los hijos, es ella que piensa siempre en los seres queridos.

Y por eso les debemos a la mujer un deuda enorme de gratitud. Que todo el mundo aprende a respetar, apreciar, entender, escuchar, y aprender de la mujer. Las invito a que seamos firmes en nuestros valores para que con coherencia en el pensar, en el sentir y en el obrar mejoramos la sociedad presente y futura.

Las invito a no claudicar ante y por el poder, ante y por el dinero, ante y por un amor mal sano. Gacias por dejarme compartir con ustedes mi tan anhelado deseo.

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