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WrestleMania 34: Live review and full show match results – plus video highlights

She is close friends with Smith, and the two lived together for a short time as children while their fathers were wrestling as a team.

2. Sasha Banks is going to Money in the Bank

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali

Marcus Rashford shines but two stars fluff their big chance - 5 things we learned After playing a shadow side - and the customary glut of second half changes - what did we really learn about England at the King Power. Arsenal and Liverpool are set to be targeted by Barcelona as they look for new full-backs. Chile football team Chile international Diego Valdes forced to apologise after making 'racist' gesture towards South Korea fan Chile coach Reinaldo Rueda refused to comment on the actions of his player after South Korean media widely circulated the image.

Live stream details, TV channel, full card, UK start time and more All you need to know about the annual event named after the unforgiving steel structure. Diego Maradona Diego Maradona's battle with cocaine "sickness" laid bare he starts new job in region blighted by drug cartels Argentina legend says he is clean from addiction after looking worse of wear at this summers World Cup in Russia.

Most Read Most Recent. A stunned policemen filmed on his phone while another shouted at the man to put the head back in the bin bag. Roxanne Pallett Roxanne Pallett has another on-camera meltdown as she launches six-minute tirade in painfully-awkward train confrontation The shamed Celebrity Big Brother star pointed her cameraphone at an unknown man as she quizzed him about his behaviour.

One of Diana's friends has lifted the lid on the Princess' behaviour towards her millionaire lover after he died of cancer. Meghan Markle Meghan Markle forms close friendship with unlikely member of royal family - and it's not Kate or Queen Meghan Markle spent a lot of time with one royal in particular over the summer, and they were reportedly dining, reading, and walking together.

Weather UK weather forecast: His first and only mission was to kill Tony Stark, but was outwitted by his alter ego, Iron Man , twice in a row. After being incarcerated, he was visited by fellow Chessman, Bishop.

He was broken out, but his freedom was short lived. Disappointed with his pathetic attempt at killing Stark, Bishop lifted Heggs high into the air and dropped him to his death. Knight Raleigh Halward is a fictional supervillain in Marvel Comics. Both were defeated and Halward was never seen again. Knight Basil Thorpe is a fictional supervillain in Marvel Comics. Basil Thorpe was an agent of Obadiah Stane who was added to his team of agents called the Chessmen. Basil and Raleigh battled Iron Man together, but were both defeated.

Sometime later, Basil, along with Bishop and Rook, battled Iron Man again who was aided by an intelligent member of the Brood named Broo. Basil and his cohorts were once again defeated. Knight Malcolm Knight is a fictional supervillain in Marvel Comics. Malcolm and Leo Knight were adopted by Edgar Fogg. Malcolm befriended his son Thomas and the two would go around Liverpool causing trouble. Malcolm, however had a soft spot for Thomas' sister Evelyn of whom there was a mutual attraction.

Malcolm and Thomas were hired by a gangster to kill a scientist. After doing so, the machine he was working on rearranged their molecules turning them into what they saw themselves as: Malcolm and Thomas from that day forward decided to become super powered hitmen. Years later, they were hired by the Kingpin to murder his assistant. Their actions lead them to battling Spider-Man who soon follows them back to Liverpool. When Malcolm attempts to kill the wall-crawler, he is distracted by Evelyn's appearance and instead knocks him out.

Thinking that Leo had been killed, Malcolm goes after the superhero until he learns the truth and sees that Leo is okay. He and Thomas battle each other and Spider-Man defeats the two. Malcolm has not been in the limelight since. He was last seen attempting to purchase Eddie Brock 's Venom Symbiote. As a nod to his comic book counterpart, Heggs has a tattoo of a chess piece on his face. Knockout is a member of the Femme Fatales.

She and the Femme Fatales were hired by Chameleon in the disguise of Dr. Turner to target the airplane carrying the ambassador of a newly-freed Baltic country. Spider-Man barely escaped the destroyed airplane with the ambassador in his hands. Knockout and her fellow Femme Fatales as well as Scorpion and Chameleon were defeated, but they got away. Knockout and the rest of the Femme Fatales were present on the S.

Superia and later Femizon Island where they were invited by Superia to join her Femizons. Though they also had to fight Captain America and Paladin. Knockout later represented the Femme Fatales when she attended an A. Weapon Expo in Boca Caliente [47]. Knockout and the Femme Fatales later attended the auction for the Venom Symbiote. During the " Hunt for Wolverine " storyline, Knockout is among the female villains who assisted Viper in ambushing Kitty Pryde 's group when they arrive on Madripoor to look for Wolverine.

Knockout managed to defeat Rogue. Both of them are defeated even when psychic-enhancement device on Mindblast's back is destroyed enough for Magneto to join the fight.

Stealing some her powers, Rogue renders Knockout unconscious. Amiko found herself orphaned when she and her mother were caught in a battle between the X-Men and a dragon. Discovering the dying woman and her young daughter, Wolverine promised that the girl would be raised as though she were his own child.

Soultaker , Amiko discovered that her mother belonged to a family of warriors called the Shosei and now spends time with them trying to improve her martial arts skills, and hoping to make her adoptive father Logan proud of her.

Kobik is a physical manifestation of a Cosmic Cube in the Marvel Comics universe. Point One Vol 1 1 June Within the context of the stories, Kobik originated from a S. The pieces merge into a single being that adopts the form of a child. Kobik becomes a member of the Thunderbolts. During her time affiliated with S.

At the same time, Kobik comes into contact with the Red Skull, the Cube's past experience with the Skull giving her a certain attachment to him. Using his influence on her, the Skull is able to convince her of Hydra being a noble organization. As Hydra's "Secret Empire" rises to power — after Hydra Agent Rogers has deposed Red Skull —, Kobik begins to regretfully rewrite Rogers' mind, but it is revealed that the memory of his original, good conscious has remained hidden in her mind.

The original Steve Rogers tries to convince Kobik to undo her mistakes, but she believes it is too late and is frightened of Hydra Rogers. After Hydra Rogers is defeated, Kobik restores the history of the world, although she leaves some aspects intact from the Hydra-created reality. Ilsa Koenig is a fictional resistance fighter in Marvel Comics. Fury and his Howling Commandos 35 October Ilsa Koenig is the younger sister of Eric Koenig and much like her brother is a defector who fought alongside the Americans.

She attempted to continue her pursuit of Dino, but he was haunted by the memories of a former lover and pushed her away. She was rescued by Dino whom she awarded a kiss. Eric then kidnapped Ilsa and Dino to lure Fury out, he had apparently become a Nazi again, and took Fury forcing Ilsa and Dino to flee. A character named L. Koenig played by Artemis Pebdani appears on Agents of S. She is the oldest of the Koenig quintuplets and is always picking on her younger siblings.

She appears in the episode "Hot Potato Soup" where she is tasked along with her brothers Sam and Billy with hiding the Darkhold. He is blindfolded and taken to their headquarters by two of Kogar's men. Tarr's decision to defeat the two men in combat impresses Kogar enough; he allows Tarr to join. Victor Kohl first appeared in Iron Man Vol 5 Victor Kohl is the black sheep of his family where he was the only member of his family that didn't go through Terrigenesis during the Inhumanity storyline.

Victor was confronted by the Black Light Ring of the Mandarin which found him acceptable to be its wearer. With its power and still under the influence of alcohol, Victor attacked the Inhuman Nativity Center where Robert was apparently killed.

Iron Man appeared to stop him and Victor had to flee after the Golden Avenger injured his shoulder with a laser. The ring teleported Victor to a safe place. While recovering, Victor suffered from Terrigenesis for his surprise.

As soon as he resurfaced, Victor was found and confronted by Medusa. She showed to him the rest of the body of his father which was destroyed during Victor's rampage in the Nativity Center. She also explained to Victor that he didn't suffer from Terrigenesis not because he didn't have blood ties with his family, but because the level of exposure to Terrigen Mists to activate the Terrigenesis in certain individuals can vary.

She exiled Victor from the Inhumans for his actions. Victor blamed himself for what he did, but the ring managed to make him blame Tony Stark from not stopping him when he was rampaging drunk. The Ring also suggested Victor's new nickname called the Exile. Exile was also referred to as Mandarin-Five. Victor Kohl will appear in Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors , voiced by Booboo Stewart. He appears during oil drilling in an unrevealed location of Canada.

His appearance destroys the oil well and catches the attention of the Inuit demigod Snowbird. Kolomaq possesses energy welding powers but his main ability is to create blinding snowstorms. Seven pages of Alpha Flight issue 6 are white panels captioned with dialogue and narration.

Kolomaq is described as the most ferocious of the Beasts and enemy to Tundra the Land Beast. He is also capable of conjuring sharp icicles. Snowbird tricks Kolomaq into triggering a landslide which either kills or imprisons him.

Kolomaq appears as a white Yeti-like creature with an angry totem mask as a face. Leon Kolsky is a fictional gangster in Marvel Comics. Leon Kolsky was one of the four agents who worked for Bruno Costa, notable for his age and experience in the criminal underworld.

Leon was involved in the execution of Frank Castle 's family. Leon battled Punisher using dum-dums , his favorite, and actually managed to put up a good fight. However, the Punisher tricks Leon into shooting an aquarium that contained a shark and Leon was eaten alive. Kosmos is a fusion of the Beyonder and Molecule Man , who are apparently parts of a Cosmic Cube , and cared for by Kubik.

Miklos Kozlov is an expert scientist and freedom fighter for Western Europe during the Soviets' reign. He was captured and forced to work on atomic tests. The tests awoke an ancient dragon named Grogg and Kozlov was forced to do battle with it.

He manages to escape the dragon's wrath by hiding in a cave and using a smoke bomb. Kozlov defected to the United States and changed his first name to Michael. Kozlov is a scientist working for IGH, partnered with Dr. His specialty is experimental combat enhancers that give the user strength and enhanced endurance, as is the case with Will Simpson. When Simpson is injured by Kilgrave in a bombing, he requests Dr.

Kozlov be brought to him to treat him, and Dr. Kozlov gives him the enhancers so that he can recuperate faster. He eventually recaptures Simpson, thanks to Jessica Jones and Trish Walker , but not before Simpson kills two of his men. Kozlov to find answers pertaining to Jessica's own experiences with IGH. When Jessica tracks down Dr. Kozlov, she instead finds a wake being held for him, and learns that he died just a few days prior in a car accident, though it's clear to Jessica that Kozlov was murdered.

Malus claims that Kozlov stole his research and sold it to the government, explaining Simpson's background. Kraglin is an A-Chilltarian alien, who appears mostly in Guardians of the Galaxy stories. Kraglin did not appear again until the " Secret Empire " storyline where he appears as a member of Yondu 's Ravagers. Krakkan is a powerful mystical entity, and a member of the Octessence. Krakkan first appeared in Iron Man vol. The first Krakoa was originally a very small island in the Pacific Ocean that was located close to where some nuclear bombing tests were done.

The radiation somehow mutated the island's ecosystem into a hive-mind entity. Krakoa was able to capture the original X-Men then consisting of Cyclops, Angel, Havok, Iceman, Jean Grey and Polaris and was also responsible for the deaths of a team of young mutants, composed of Petra, Sway, Darwin and Kid Vulcan the latter two are able to survive, but became trapped inside Krakoa , from a parallel X-Men team led by Moira McTaggart and is also connected with the formation of the new team of X-Men namely Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Sunfire, Thunderbird, Banshee and Wolverine.

The new X-Men team found the original X-Men and by using her powers, Polaris was able to launch Krakoa into outer space. Krakoa was later apparently found and captured for study by the cosmic entity known as The Stranger , as seen when Quasar visited one of his 'laboratory worlds'. Rachel discovered that this Krakoa was grown by Hellfire Club member Maximillian von Katzenelnbogen a descendant of Victor Frankenstein in his artificial supergarden.

When Rachel mentions that Krakoa keeps apologizing and wants to join the X-Men, Wolverine ends up letting Krakoa stay as a part of the school. Ronda Kramer is the girlfriend of Jake Dorman. While Jake continuously bullied Steve Petty, Ronda sympathized with him and she, along with Peter Parker , insisted that Jake be kinder to him. The pair wrestled each other repeatedly, including a match for the Prairie Wrestling Alliance , where Neidhart teamed with her father, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart , against Lovtiz and Apocalypse.

In , however, Neidhart and Lovitz formed a tag team , wrestling several intergender matches against The Meyers Brothers as well as against Anna and Ma Myers. Neidhart also began wrestling abroad. In mid she accepted bookings for a tour in England, and in March , started on a two-month tour of Japan where she used the name Nadia Hart. When she returned to Canada she promptly turned into a villainous character, announcing that "Nasty Nattie" had been born.

On June 17, she defeated Anna Marie, Lovitz, and Ma Myers in a four-way match to become the first Stampede Women's Pacific Championship , though she later vacated the championship. In November , Neidhart damaged her cruciate ligament while wrestling in Japan, and underwent surgery in early She was sidelined for six months while she recovered. Also in October , she debuted in the all-female promotion, Shimmer Women Athletes. The following month she competed in the tournament to determine Great Canadian Wrestling 's inaugural W.

Champion, and defeated Danyah and Aurora en route to the final, where she lost to Sirelda. During the show, she also gave a speech thanking the fans for their support.

On January 5 , , Upon signing she was assigned to their developmental territory Deep South Wrestling for the first half of the year, competing against wrestlers including Krissy Vaine and Angel Williams. She was briefly transferred to Florida Championship Wrestling when it opened in June, and then moved to Ohio Valley Wrestling OVW , debuting in a dark match at the television tapings on July 18, , where she won a battle royal. She debuted the next week as a member of the Next Generation Hart Foundation , accompanying her cousins Teddy Hart and Harry Smith for tag team matches.

Initially, Neidhart formed an alliance with Victoria Crawford to take on The Bella Twins , but in , the pair began competing against one another, either in singles matches or in tag team matches with various partners.

She made her main roster debut as a villain , under the name Natalya Neidhart later shortened to just Natalya on the April 4, episode of SmackDown! Her televised in-ring debut came three weeks later, in a win over Cherry. For the rest of the year she competed mainly in tag team matches, sporadically wrestling singles matches. Natalya, Kidd, and Smith went on to feud with Torres and Cryme Tyme, with Natalya also facing Torres in singles matches and tag team matches involving other Divas.

The match also involved Beth Phoenix. This provoked a feud between the trios, with The Hart Dynasty attacking The Usos and Tamina the following week in retaliation. At the next pay-per-view, Money in the Bank , Natalya helped The Hart Dynasty to retain the championship against The Usos by stopping Tamina from interfering in the match, ending the feud. On the October 1 episode of SmackDown , Natalya won an eight-Diva tag team match for her team when she made Maryse submit.

At the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 3 , she defeated Michelle McCool via disqualification in a match for the championship, which meant that McCool retained the championship. She received another championship match three weeks later at the Bragging Rights pay-per-view, where she lost to Layla after McCool interfered.

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